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Does your brand need some sparkle?


Fostering meaningful connections with creatives and founders

Meet Sonali

Spark Specialist 

Networking isn't just a hobby for me—it's a source of genuine joy and energy that truly fuels me. I firmly believe that cultivating social capital is the most critical point for any business or brand. I will build and nurture key partnerships for you that will level up your company spanning across Content Marketing, Media & PR, Events, and more!


Ready to ignite your brand with dazzling  strategic partnerships?

How the magic happens

I thrive fostering meaningful connections with creatives and founders, building a robust global network of talent across several industries. I’m excited to connect you with key relationships that will catalyze transformational opportunities for your business. Whether it's collaborating on content marketing campaigns, securing press coverage, orchestrating brand collaborations, or curating memorable events, I’m here to guide and support your venture every step of the way. Here's what to expect:

I will spearhead strategic partnerships across three core areas: Content Marketing & Creation, Media & PR, and Events. Whether you're seeking a one-time collaboration or ongoing support, my flexible engagement options, available on an hourly or per-project basis, allow us to adapt a plan to your specific needs seamlessly. Let’s spark the fireworks of creativity together!

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