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Sonali's Story

How did we get here?

Before I found my purpose of connecting, I started out my career working 6 years in investment banking. When the world shifted to remote work, I took advantage of every opportunity to explore the world, living and working in ten different countries. I realized we were living not just through the COVID pandemic, but a pandemic of unfulfilled people itching to find their purpose in the world. I also realized how deeply passionate I was to build my global network, connecting people from different cultures, ages, and demographics.

Getting Creative

Soul Vitamins origin story

I was determined to spread insight and wisdom to fellow creatives and entrepreneurs in order to encourage my audience to action creative ventures and passion projects. Thus, Soul Vitamins was born! A talk show dedicated to providing a community and platform around creative entrepreneurship. After I got a taste of the creative world I wasn't going back and I decided to pivot from finance to full-time entrepreneurship, owning three different companies spanning event planning, design, and media.​


Now, I'm excited to blend my corporate finance background with my creative expertise. My goal is to offer strategic guidance and forge valuable partnerships for startups, personal brands, and beyond.


Let's spark transformative collaborations and propel your creative venture

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